RepRap: Be fruitful and multiply!

“And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and  multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over  the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living  thing that moveth upon the earth”

Genesis 1:28

I’m not a religious person at all, but this quote from Genesis illustrates very nicely the awesome powers that were bestowed by “the dude upstairs” upon that couple of naked people living in his garden: Usefulness and Self reproduction!

This gave way to the opportunity to get more of these  naked people to walk around, do some cool things which could help themselves and others and eventually create some more naked people of their own to keep the ball rolling.

Well this amazing power is exactly what the guys behind the RepRap project gave to their open source rapid prototyping machine. That’s right, it’s a SELF REPLICATING RAPID PROTOTYPING MACHINE! it creates useful things for us and has the ability to create a copy of itself so that others can take advantage of it too. How awesome is that??

This little baby is an industrial designer’s wet dream as it brings the power of 3D printing to the masses. Granted, to a select group of geek masses with a bit of the knowledge and time required to build one of these contraptions for themselves, but to the masses nonetheless as it creates the first truly affordable rapid prototyping machine ever. Just imagine being able to print out sketches of your 3D models as you work on your designs and not having to dish out thousands of €uros on a machine capable of doing so.

And as I said, it’s a self replicating machine (at least partially), as a big amount of the parts required for it were specifically designed so that they could be made by the machine itself (check out the picture at the very top of this post with the “parent” machine being used to print the “child”). Brilliant.

According to the official RepRap website ( if you know someone with a RepRap, have €350 to get a few extra components from your local/online favourite supplier and have some hours of spare time in your hands,  you too could be the proud owner of one of these beauties.

Check out the video with the full explanation of the project. It’s definitely a must see.

…and after that, well go make yourself one, be fruitful and multiply!